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Hey, welcome to Bakd&Raw! Everything you see on this blog is homemade, from the goodness of fresh and natural ingredients. I am the biggest fan of veggie-based brownies, the spicy Mexican cuisine, edible flowers and beautifully decorated plant-based meals - full of flavor and goodness. Read on for the whole story!
First of all, thank you for exploring my website. I am super excited you are here! I am Karolin or “Karo”, for all of my friends. I grew up at the foothills of the Black Forest, in a family in love with eating fresh and homecooked meals. While growing up, I always found my Mum – a true inspiration – in the kitchen, preparing balanced meals with great passion and love for our entire family.
At the age of 9, I felt ready to follow my mum’s footsteps and invited the entire family to a 3-course meal. With my cousin as my partner in crime, we tried our best winging a Veggie-Pasta in the main course. In the following summer, I considered my mum’s backyard “a true oyster” and cut off the entire roses as well as her beautiful lavender to create a “perfume”, I tried to sell for a few cents in the neighborhood.
I should have known that the girl, who considered the fresh produce in her mum’s backyard as sellable products and invites tons of people to present her cooking skills at the age of 9, would become a plant-loving entrepreneur and "Veggie-Chef" one day.
Yet, it took me many years, a Master of Science Degree in Operations Management, many nutrientpoor meals, a decision to move to Monterrey, Mexico and a medically untreatable Mosquito transmitted virus to “(re)connect” with the beauty of plant-based foods after moving out of my parents’ house. As all doctors I visited in Mexico told me that there was nothing I could do but rest and strengthen my immune system with “healthy and nutrient-rich foods” to get well, I started a (super)-food research!
I read one book after the other and gradually became aware of what nutrients each ingredient out there provides us with, what foods are “extra-immune-system-strengthening” and how I could eat healthy and balanced, but also delicious and beautiful every day! Mentored by amazing Mexican chefs and genuinely inspired by the colorful Mexican kitchen, I started filling my tacos with plantbased ingredients, homemade salsas, established an Avocado-Smoothie Breakfast routine and started documenting this journey of discovery in my very personal online blog I called “Bakd&Raw”. And this little food diary has been growing since.
Bakd&Raw is my way of sharing my passion for beautiful, wholesome and delicious plant-based meals with you.
My cooking / baking approach centers around the creation of wholesome, balanced and satisfying meals, full of flavor, goodness and beauty! I try to only cook and eat foods that are as close to their source as possible, so-called “plant-based whole foods”. Hence, all recipes on this blog are “homecooked vegetarian” (i.e. made from wholesome and natural ingredients). Some recipes are vegan and gluten-free, while others may contain little portions of eggs and dairy. None of the recipes will contain refined sugar though. If recipes need an extra kick of sweetness, I try everything until I have found a mix that works with organic fruits, raw honey or tiny portions of maple syrup (nothing else)! One of my favorite parts in the kitchen is “reinventing classics” and giving them a beautiful and healthy “makeover”. (Take a look at my favorite Veggie Brownies or my Plant-Stuffed Tacos for example. Both are sooo delicious!) Besides, if you want to learn more about my diet and nutrition in general, you should explore the “Foodie Resources” on my blog! The section is filled with food and nutrition insights!
I truly believe that being healthy starts with what we eat, but it goes far beyond food. It’s the attitude we have towards life, the routines we maintain and the beautiful people we surround ourselves with every day. Thus, besides inspiring you to eat more greens, this blog is here to motivate you to create an overall “happy healthy lifestyle”. Through my blog posts, as well as through Pinterest, Youtube and my Instagram, I’m sharing with you what I learn every day, the magical places and delicious foods I discover and how I work on maintaining a healthy, personal growth-oriented lifestyle day by day. I am constantly seeking healthier routines and I’m beyond excited to take on this journey with you!
xx Karo

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