My "Recipes for Success" - The Ultimate DIY Motivation Wall

AUGUST 4, 2020

One Of The Best DIY Projects I Ever Made..

I’m so excited and proud to finally share this project with you – my DIY Motivation Wall. The project took quite some time from idea development until finish and I am so happy to finally have it hanging in my studio. In this article, I share with you all the tips and tricks on how I created this beautiful DIY motivational wall for yourself.

The Idea Behind This DIY "Wall for Success"

I am a firm believer in the power of "keeping a positive mindset". Actually I think, I wouldn't be sitting here writing those lines right now, if I wasn't a hopeless optimist. However, I also have to be honest with you. Since I quit my unlimited full-time job, life hasn't been easy. Actually it has been pretty stressful and nerve-wracking! 

What has helped me immensely on the journey into entrepreneurship though, is the definition of my core values. But instead of only writing them on a piece of paper or scribbling them in a book, why not turn them into "Motivational Quotes" and hang them in my studio I thought? That way, I can see them daily, remind myself of what is important to me, and motivate myself to be the best version of myself I can possibly be! Especially if you are a "hands-on DIY lover", I couldn't recommend anything more than this super personal "Wall Art" project!

My Personal "Recipes For Success"

Before you start the project though, take a moment to think. Think what matters to you? What are your personal goals in life? What do you want to be known for and how do you want other people to see you? Everything is in your hand, I promise. 

If you struggle at this point, I have two recommendations for you. One is a book recommendation from John Strelecky and the other one is "get inspired by others". But first the book: The book I highly recommend you to read is called "The Big Five for Life". (English | German). For me, this book was almost like a manual or guide to reflect upon life and think about what is essential to me. My personal "Big Five for Life" I will keep private for now. But what I will share are my "recipes for success", which is my second recommendation - get inspired! Take a look at my quotes, maybe research for others on Pinterest or Instagram, take screenshots, read books from inspiring "leaders in their field" and slowly build your core set of "reminders" which will enable you to get to wherever you want to be. 

As inspiration, here are my nine "Recipes for Success" / reminders I look at daily: 

1. Karma -  "Support others. Incredible things will happen!" (Anonymous author)

2. Share - "Tell the story of the mountains you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else's survival guide" (Morgan Harper Nicholas)

3. Be Brave - "Do the universe a favor, don't hide your magic." (Anonymous author)

4. Believe in yourself - When someone says you can't do it. Do it twice and take a picture." (Anonymous author) 

5. Smile - "A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear." (Anonymous author) 

6. Dream - "If your goals don't sound crazy, they are not big enough." (Anonymous author) 

7. Patience - "Patience is NOT the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." (Anonymous author) 

8. Progress - "All progress takes place outside the comfort zone. Start now and learn along the way." (Michael John Bobak/Danielle LaPorte)

9. Perfection - "Does not exist!" (Anonymous author) 

Hands-On Now...Let's Talk About What You Need To Create Your Personal DIY Motivation Wall

For the project, there are three crucial elements you need:

1. Three Hanging Bars: The bars you see in the images are from IKEA. They are called Fintorp. If you don't have an IKEA nearby though, I am sure you can find a similar construct on Amazon. 

2. Rings: To attach the cards to the bar, you need any kind of rings. I purchased mine from a German online store. I bought two 10-unit packs with a 25mm diameter for 3.90 per pack. A friend of mine (btw my first DIY Motivation Wall fan :)), purchased his rings from Amazon

3. Printed "Motivation Cards": I designed the cards in Photoshop and sent them off to a local print shop here in Munich. If you're not familiar with photoshop, just contact me. We can definitely find a way to create this beautiful DIY wall for you together. There are tons of online printers who will print and ship the cards to your house afterward. 

Share Your Love

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY "Motivation Wall" tutorial.  If you ever turn this project into reality, please share your beautiful result with me. I am beyond excited to see your motivational quotes. Tag me on PinterestInstagram or Facebook.

xx, Karo

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