My favorite Coffee Spots in Kiel & Two Super Healthy Homemade Juices

SEPTEMBER 22, 2020

A Weekend Trip To Kiel With Lots Of Super Good Coffee 

2020 definitely wasn't a year of big travels. But since more and more is opening up again locally, we should take advantage of the options we got. I decided to just make Germany my new travel destination and finally explore the beauty of my own country. So, in the beginning of August my travel destination was called "Kiel". 

Kiel is a beautiful 250k inhabitant city 90km North of Hamburg, located directly by the Baltic Sea. I was so amazed by the beautiful beach, the kite surfers and the windy harbor strolls we took along the Kieler bay. I almost couldn't believe, I'm still in Germany! What brought me there? My wonderful friend Vivi, which, by the way, I met through Instagram. But this is a story for another day. Now, let's talk about Coffee in Kiel!

My Favorite Coffee Spots in Kiel

Since I arrived pretty early in Kiel on my first day, I decided to take advantage of the trip and explore the coffee scene of the city. I stumbled across a bunch of coffee spots online and made a little list on the one's I definitely want to visit. Out of the three I visited, a tiny little bakery & coffee shop called "Bakeliet" was my absolute favorite. Besides their wonderful branding (which made me go in the first place), they brew amazing coffee in-house and offer an amazing cake selection including Matcha Cheesecake and Nut Butter Topped Banana Bread. 

Number two and my Go-To recommendation for brunch is Cafe Resonanz. Founded by the same owner, it's basically an extension of Bakeliet. Their Brunch Menu sounds amazing and includes both, veggie and delicious vegan breakfast options. 

The third coffee place I visited in Kiel is called Impuls Kaffeemanufaktur. The place is less hip and more commercial but their coffee is absolutely delicious! 

My favs in summary..

Bakeliet: Bakery Stuff & Coffee To-Go as well as sit in Coffee

Cafe Resonanz: Breakfast & Brunch Spot 

Impuls Kaffeemanufaktur: Perfect for Coffee & Cake 

Cafe Hilda: Breakfast & Brunch Spot (Haven't been but according to my friend Vivi, it's another must-visit when your're in Kiel)

If You're Up For A Windy Beach Day, Visit The Beach In La Boe!

Of course, Kiel has much more to offer than coffee spots! Besides the cozy city center, I highly recommend a visit in La Boe - a beautiful beach strip less than 15 min away from the city center. When we went we saw tons of kite surfers, sailing boats and courageous tourists who decided to go for a beach picknick - no matter how windy it is. According to my friend Vivi, there are various spots to access the beach. La Boe with the Naval memorial is one of her favorites though. 

& Two Super Healthy Homemade Green Juices 

As Vivi has been running an amazing Youtube channel called "Einfach Gevivt" filled with food insights and wonderful recipes (which by the way aren't only delicious but super easy to make), we decided to team up on our girl's weekend in Kiel and created two deliciously green juice recipes for you. Both of them are super easy to make, veggie-based and a perfect dessert-replacement or in-between weekend snack.  (I will link to the video directly as soon as it is live on her channel.)

Green Juice Recipes

Juice 1 (The naturally sweet dream)

- 100g Arugula

- 2 Apple

- 50g Grape

Juice 2 (The immune-system boosting refresher):

- 10g Ginger

- 1/2 green Melon

- 2 cucumbers

Instructions: Clean the fruits and vegetables thoroughly, combine them in your juicer. Either cool for 1-2 hours before serving or serve immediately with 1-2 ice cubes. Vivi and I also created a video tutorial for you, which you can find on her Youtube channel.  

Share Your Love

I hope you enjoy both, my insights on Kiel's coffee scene and the two deliciously green smoothie recipes Vivien & I created together. Like always, Vivien and I would love to see your delicious result and repost it on our social channels. So make sure to tag us on our Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. (Instagram Vivi & Youtube Vivi)

xx, Karo

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