A Foodie's Guide To Berlin

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020

Beloved Berlin: You Are Completely Crazy But I Love You Anyways!

Berlin is different, so different from all other German cities. I lived in Berlin for almost 4 years during my undergraduate studies and fell in love with the German capital in my own way. I say "in my own way" because Berlin really stands out. Everything in Berlin is a little bit more messy, unorganized and let's be honest - dirty. However, Berlin wouldn't be Berlin if it was any different. I love the graffiti art on almost every street corner, the hipster lifestyle, the feeling of unconstrained freedom (everything is allowed in Berlin - even your sleeping PJ on the street) and the amazing restaurant culture influenced by cultures from all around the world. In this article, I will share a guide on how to see the most important sights in one day, an overview over the coolest spots to enjoy the vibe of Berlin and a list of my favorite food spots / restaurants (even though I believe that even without a list, you will have an amazing culinary experience in Berlin.

How To See The Tourist Essentials In One Single Day

There are so many things to see in Berlin. Way too many for a weekend trip to be honest. Therefore, prioritization is key. On my last Berlin trip, I decided to prioritize "1-day sightseeing" and made it my goal to see as much of the city as I could within just one day. (All the other days were reserved for quality time with my friends :)).

The One-Day sightseeing Tour

I started  with a super yummy breakfast at District Coffee in the "Kollwitzkiez". From there I walked down to the Hakescher Markt / the Hakesche Höfe & strolled along the Montjuic Park. Thereafter, I visited the Museums Island and took some photos in front of the National Gallery. I walked over to Friedrichstrasse, which was one of the classic meeting points with my friends while I lived in Berlin, and continued my walking tour all the way to the Brandenburger Tor. From far, I even saw the Siegessäule but decided to only take a glimpse at it and continue with my tour one-day city tour. (But it's actually super nice to walk up and enjoy the view from top). 

Next came the Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe. (Between the Brandenburger Tor & the Memorial to the murdered Jews is a beautiful park if you're tired and feel like you need to take a short walking break). From there, I walked over to the Gendarmenmarkt and stopped at Alexanderplatz to take a the S-Bahn to "Kreuzberg", where I finally had my well deserved lunch at a place called Roamers. Their veggie Tacos were amazing!

After lunch, I strolled along the streets of Kreuzberg, visited the "Unverpackt Store" in the neighborhood, grabbed flowers for my friend at the Markthalle 9 and ended my day with a visit at the East Side Gallery! To be very honest, I was pretty exhausted after so much walking but I was super happy I got the chance to "say hi" to my favorite Berlin landmarks which make Berlin what it is - a city full of history, culture and art!

Interested in doing the same day trip, get inspired and watch my IG Reel. By the way, a great alternative to using the metro and walking in Berlin is biking. You can easily do the same foodie & culture tour by bike (even include a few more stops along the way I'd say :)). 

Beloved Foodies: You Won't Starve In Berlin

Two things are for sure in Berlin: First you won't starve in the city. There are restaurants everywhere. And I'm not talking about the classic chains, no Berlin is full of unique little restaurants. Second, Berlin is beyond versatile. From Turkish to Vietnamese, to Italian and German. You will find whatever you feel like. Actually, there are so many brilliant food spots all around the city that I almost feel bad creating a "Must-Visit" list now. (To all restaurant owners I didn't mention in this post, I will continue my foodie tour every time I visit Berlin and promise to update the list over time :)). 

My Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Spots In Berlin

To all Foodies: My recommendation for Berlin is to always check the Food spots nearby your accommodation. Berlin is huge and you definitely don't want to spend hours commuting for food. If one of the spots of the list below is nearby, go for it. It's a culinary win for sure!

1. Kala Coffee - My absolute favorite coffee spot nearby my bestie's house. I love their coffee, their veggie rainbow bowl and their cake menu. And it's a great place to work during the week. 

2. WhatDoYouFancyLove - Perfect for Juices, Breakfast as well as Coffee & Cake. I used to grab cake and juice there all the time when I studied in Berlin

3. My Goodness - Great to grad an Acai-Bowl 

4. Two Planets - Great coffee, oat bowls and veggie breakfast options

5. Neumann's Cafe - Great Breakfast & Brunch

6. Haferkater - Perfect for a quick oat breakfast

7. Factory Girl - Amazing Veggie Brunch

8. Zeit für Brot - Quick Coffee & To-Go Breakfast/ Lunch

9. District Coffee - One of my favorite breakfast spots in the city. I love the atmosphere, their coffee just like their entire brunch menu. (I think I've tried almost everything over the years :))

My Favorite Lunch & Dinner Spots In Berlin

Below, I will separate between bowl spots and all other kind of "comfort food spots" in love to go to while in Berlin. Enjoy:

Pizza, Pasta & Plant-based Dinner

1. Spreegold - Pretty mainstream but a great compromise to make sure everyone is happy 

2. Tiger Club  - Amazing Vegan Sushi

3. Sotto - My favorite Pizza place ever. They even top some Pizza's with sprouts 

4. Frea - Plant-based Dinner

5. Terra Pizza - Italian Craft Kitchen

6. Soy - Vegan Vietnamese

7. Like Thai - Amazing Thai (option at Warschauer Strasse)

8. 9090 Vegan Living - Amazing Veggie Tapas (another option at Warschauer Strasse)

9. Roamers - I'm in love with their cauliflower tacos

Bowl Spots

1. Daluma - Delicious bowls & juices

2. Beets & Roots - Amazing rainbow bowls

3. Wild & Raw - Delicious bowls - specialized in home-delivery I'd say

4. Kaffeebar Berlin - cute little Berlin-style coffee place which also serves veggie bowls

5. Stadtsalat - Delicious salads perfect for a quick lunch

6. Good Bank Berlin - Another salad bowl option for a quick veggie lunch in Berlin

Everything Else I Consider Bucket-List Worthy In Berlin

To be honest, I don't even know where to start. There are one million amazing things to do in Berlin. Below, I will just start listing some of my favorite things. Just visit this page regularly as I may just edit the post regularly over time. 

Visit the Bikini

The Bikini by itself is a super "artsy" place and worth checking out during a Berlin trip. I absolutely love to grab a drink at the "Monkey Bar". Enjoy the sunset and take a glimpse into the Berlin Zoo.


Grab a drink at any "Späti" (Berlin word for mini convenience store) and enjoy the view over the city from top of the Viktoroiapark!

Art Exhibitions

For everyone of you interested in art, Berlin is a Mekka. There is so much to see everywhere. From photography art to history, you won't get bored. I recommend searching here or on the MitVergnügen site. They regularly publish articles on everything new to explore in the city.

Enjoy The Food Scene Along The Simon-Dach-Strasse

The Simon-Dach-Strasse used to be one of my go-to spots for food when I lived in Berlin. No food planning needed, there are so many restaurants along this street and bars for an "aperetivo", just go and get inspired. 

Take A Swim & Enjoy The City Life

Berlin can be so hot during the summer. If you get the opportunity, you should definitely visit one of Berlin's amazing lakes outside the city center (link above). If you don't have the time for a whole lake day though, you can either grab a cool drink and a picnic blanket and recharge everywhere along the "Spree" , go to the Haubentaucher or visit the Berlin Badeschiff

Mauerpark Flohmarkt

Definitely a must during your Berlin trip, even if you're not into second hand clothing. Consider it a cultural experience, grab a snack and enjoy the diversity of the place. 

Urban Gardening Project At The Tempelhofer Feld

If you're into urban gardening, definitely visit the Tempelhofer Feld and enjoy the beautiful view among cucumbers, broccoli and co. 


Super cool location right by the Berlin spree to grab a drink, hang out and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Berlin

Enjoy The Berlin Panorama From The Berlin TV Tower Or The Park Inn Terrace

If you feel like enjoying Berlin from above, either go up the Berlin TV Tower or visit the Park in Hotel. On floor 40 is an amazing terrace where you can grab a drink and enjoy the sunset. 

Share Your Berlin Love With Me!

I hope you enjoy enjoyed my little Berlin tour guide. As so many of my favorite human beings live in the city, I have a super personal relationship to it and think that everyone, well at least every German, MUST visit the city at least once. Berlin and it's food culture is so different from every other place in Germany. 

I would love to hear your Berlin experience, especially what your favorite Berlin Food spots are. Comment below or tag me on social during your next Berlin trip (Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook). I can't wait to hear from you!

xx, Karo

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