Monterrey Mexico - My Beautiful Second Home

JULY 14, 2020

Note: I wrote this article originally on March26th, 2019. Due to the website relaunch, the article setup had to be adapted slightly. The words written remained the same though. I hope you enjoy.

I lost my heart in Mexico

On an international scale, the 1.2 Million inhabitant city of Monterrey Mexico - my beautiful temporary home - is completely unknown. Even more unknown, San Pedro Garza Garcia right next to Monterrey, where I stayed, first for a semester and later for another year. The cities are modern, upscale, fascinatingly diverse and inspiringly entrepreneurial. I think a part of me will miss this place forever...

In the following, I will use both city terms "San Pedro" and "Monterrey" alternating without aiming to emphasize either one of the places in particular. For me, both cities belong together. 

I Will Never Forget The Mountains

The Monterrey metropolitan area is surrounded by multiple huge mountains. Two of them, "Cerro de la Silla" and "Chipinque" are beautiful weekend hiking destinations. The pictures above as well as below, show the magnificent views on the trail in Chipinque. I absolutely loved spending my weekends there. 

Many Mexicans I met were "daydreaming" in our conversations about the beauty of the Alps. Yet I felt the complete opposite. I was so in love with the view of those mountains on which foots millions of people had settled over the years. The view on every hike was impressive.

Two more places in the area that are incredibly beautiful are "El Jonuco", a privately owned mountain village and "La Huasteca", another Eco Park with a breathtaking view. "El Jonuco" used to be a mining village that was later transformed into a private residence in the mountains. While the private "El Jonuco" is a mostly quiet and impressively mysterious place, "La Juasteca" is much more vivid. Many Mexicans visit "La Juasteca" to enjoy a bike ride in the mountains or to go mountain climbing. 

Speaking About Food: Never In My Life Would I have Imagined Monterrey To Have Such An Incredible Food Culture 

One of the things that impressed me the most about Mexcio was the incredible "Food Culture". From classic Mexican to French and Asian, I found tons of amazing restaurants in the city - so many that my "to visit bucket list" still has some open bullet points after 1.5 years of living there.

If you are interested in the food culture, you should definitely take a look at my article about the magical San Pedro/Monterrey Food culture - it needed an article for itself! :)

Cloudy Skies And Weather That Is "Un Poco Loco"

Living in Monterrey for an extended time and experiencing all seasons was super interesting. The temperature in the city just felt crazy. I experienced T-Shirt days in Mid January and days to freeze in April. In winter, it actually happened several times that the temperature dropped way below 10 degrees, while two days later people were enjoying themselves in the bright sun surrounded by a clear blue sky. To make my point: "Be prepared for everything in Monterrey. Reality might be far from your expectations." 

Saying Goodbye To Mexico

When I started this post, I wanted to share my whole "Mexico experience" with you. I experienced so much during my time there. Yet, things were also beyond complicated at times. I mean, who on earth just takes the decision to emigrate to Mexico at the age of 26? 

As soon as I am ready, I will share this most personal story of mine with you!

xx, Karo

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