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JANUARY 19, 2021

Oh Boy..I Never Thought 2020 Would Turn Out This Way. - In A Good And A Bad Way.

Let's start backwards. It's January 16th and I'm sitting here writing my "New Years Resolution post". Quite a delay one might think. In fact, I started the new year computer-free. On December 31st, my Mac said goodbye with tons of data unbacked on its internal hard drive.I will spare you the details. The only thing worth mentioning and one of my key learnings for 2021 is "data MUST be backed regularly without compromise".

But let's get back to the point. 2020 was so different from what I had expected. I had quit my full-time job in February and was ready to kickstart entrepreneurship...Well 2 weeks later Covid happened. Luckily (and I really must say luckily) I wasn't quite as affected as many others who work in the restaurant field or any other create service business that is directly connected to the public sector.

In last years wonderful NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS POST, I noted to make my first "100 EUR" with my brand Bakd&Raw (Plus, set up the company legally!). - I did. Actually, I was able to close the year with 4 wonderful first "paying" clients in total - all while working a part-time job to pay my rent and sustain my living in Munich. Plus, the official legal registration happened in April 2020 as well. 

What else? Let's take a look at the list of last year's resolutions. In total, I listed 7 goals last year starting with: "Make meditation a "routine" to grow mentally and emotionally." - I'm not 100% stable yet. There are days when I still feel like skipping the routine. However, I meditated a lot in this year overall and I must say it helped immensely to deal with fears and insecurities the entrepreneurship-life entails.

Number two: "Get the new Bakd&Raw website live (I have been working on this project for months now and I can't wait to show it to you!)" - Yes!! It happened. In summer 2020, I launched the official Bakd&Raw website and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

Number three: "Share my love, knowledge and passion for cooking beautiful plant-foods with you daily AND build a community around it!" - Also double yes. Within 2020 I grew from a very unprofessional with barely any visitors to a wonderful website with a bunch of daily visitors, a continuously growing Pinterest account and an IG followership of 1.5k from 100 souls in January 2020. Thank YOU for being here and taking part of this plant-loaded journey into entrepreneurship! 

Number four: "Learn Spanish" - Amigos, aún no puedo hablar Español fluido pero entiendo muy bien cuando me mandas una mensaje! - This goal stays on my list for next year I guess. :)

Number five: "Cook with a famous chef" - Well lockdown didn't make it that easy but in late fall I had the opportunity to intern at TIAN - a plant-based Michelin Star restaurant in Munich. It was super interesting to take a look "behind the scenes" and see how they prep and style tons of veggie dishes a night. Since then, I am even more convinced than ever that I'm on the right path with what I do. If we all just integrated a few more leafy greens into our diet, not only would we be more healthy, our planet as a whole would thank us triple. 

And last but not least: "Explore the cuisine in all the places I get to discover (travel to) this year" - Well...where did I travel? I did get the chance to see Venezuela in January right before we all found out about COVID. The trip was absolutely amazing. Never had I seen Avocados twice as big as my hand, fresh Papaya and coconuts sold on the street market, and endless Arepas filled with white cheese and cooking banana. Looking back, I am beyond thankful for this trip. It was also the only vacation trip I did this year. COVID basically paralyzed the social life - at least here in Germany. With a current curfew set to 9pm and new laws prohibiting to enter the supermarket without a professional FFP2 face mask, things haven't changed yet and 2021 just didn't start like the fairytale we all hoped for. Though I am 100% convinced that the year will turn out amazing. It's all about our attitude towards life my dear. Hence, here are my very serious goals for the new I noted in my 2021 vision you can see in the image above: 

1. Get my first magazine publication

2. Become a certified Plant-chef

3. Buy a cat

4. (Still) cook with the famous chef and record a video travel vlog with three different successful chefs

5. Work on my personal self care through the listed habit goals below

6. Start the Youtube Channel with YOU and continue to grow this community of loving whole food veggie-loving foodies

7. Move into my own kitchen

8. Launch my first Bakd&Raw product & the Bakd&Raw webshop


My 2021 Habit Goals

Apart from the professional and private goals I set for myself above, I added a list of habit goals for this year. Again those are my personal goals but I thought I share them with you - believing that one or the other may be a great addition to your list as well. :) How I came to these 8 habit goals is another - quite long learning experience throughout 2020. As soon as I feel ready to share it, I definitely will. For now, I hope you enjoy this little summary of my 2021 Habit Goals. 

Are You A "Goal Setter Type"?

Do you set yourself goals for the new year? As you can see, I always do and I love doing it. Not only does it help me to get organized, it also brings me the greatest joy to note the goals in a creative way. And this is what I'd like to share with you with this post. Goal setting is beyond helpful to achieve what you desire in life and there are no limits to how you note your goals. Be it a simple piece of paper, a collage like I did this year for my personal & professional goals, a vision board, you name it. Use whatever you enjoy using and take a moment for yourself to thing about your goals. I can't recommend it more. :)

Share Your LOVE 

I hope you enjoyed my super personal 2021 vision post. Now, I'd love to know how you set your new year's goals.  Connect with me and tag me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

xx, Karo

Header Photo credits: Guillaume Galtier (Unsplash)

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