What It Takes To Turn 100 Years (Besides Leafy Greens)?

OCTOBER 4, 2020

What Does It Take To Live 100 Years And Beyond?

Over the past years, I have become a professional veggie chef, a fibre-advocate and "sprout-fluencer". In this post though, I'd like to share a few other thoughts that go beyond nutrition. I still believe that a healthy plant-focused diet is one of the most important factors to maintain your health. However, there is much more to health than eating leafy greens every day. So what does it take to live 100 years and beyond if it isn't only leafy greens? Read on for the whole story!

Friendships & Social Integration Are Key To Happiness, Health and Longevity

During my little Italy vacation in this little medieval town you can see in the pictures above and below, I stumbled across this TED Talk from Susan Pinkers on the most important predictors to longevity according to various scientific studies. In summary, the study she outlines comes to the conclusion that the top two predictors to longevity are social integration and close relationships. 

Not nutrition? Nope. According to the study, nutrition or how they call it, a "lean vs overweight" physical state, only ranks on number 8 of the list. More important than our shape is our lifestyle, including whether or not we smoke, drink, exercise regularly AND, as mentioned above, whether or not we maintain close friendships and enjoy the feeling of social integration. 

According To Numerous Studies Conducted Throughout Europe On The Predictors To Longevity, The Top Two Predictors Are SOCIAL INTEGRATION & CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS

My Personal Conclusion From This And My Recommendation To You

Nutrition is important. Super important! What we eat determines whether or not we suffer from allergies, regular infections and, in the worst case, get cancer at some point in our life. Sounds super harsh but it's the truth. A person who only lives off processed foods with minimal to zero nutritional benefits will get sick sooner or later. BUT, and this is very important, nutrition alone can't ensure our health and grant us a "free ride" to longevity.

To ensure that the leafy greens take full effect, we need to be happy, smile, be with friends, talk to our neighbors, take regular walks in nature and enjoy life daily! This means that it is also fine to enjoy your favorite chocolate cake and pancake breakfast in bed every once in a while. It's all about balance and a "healthy approach to life overall"! 

xx, Karo


All scientific data in this article is taken from Susan Pinkers TED Talk: The secret to living longer may be your social life (Last visited: 4.10.2020)

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