Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas with Berries

AUGUST 5, 2020

The Perfect Summer Tortilla - Very Berry Mexican Corn Tortillas

It started as a Taco Tuesday experiment but it turned out to be so yummy that I must share it with you now. Delicious and authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas infused with homegrown currants and beet root. The mild sourness of the currants and a perfect balance to the otherwise pretty neutral-tasting white corn flour tortilla. Besides, it turned out to be a brilliant way to give the tortilla a beautifully rich and natural red color. 

To be honest, this recipe is a true local adaption to the classic white corn tortilla recipe. Just like white corn doesn't grow anywhere in Germany, berries aren't native to Mexico. But since we have the ability to access the delicious and authentic white corn flour, why not spice it up with the local produce we have. And maybe we can even inspire some Mexicans to become more creative in the kitchen and flavor their taco with fruits and veggies we have never heard or see in Germany! :)

What You Need To Make Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas With Spirulina

Tortillas are actually super easy to prep and require very little ingredients. The only things you need is water, salt and original corn flour for the base recipe. Plus beet root powder and currant-chia jam of course, if you want to add more vitamins to your "masa" and make it look beautifully pink like I did in this recipe. 

Harina de Maíz: I purchased mine from a store called MexGrocer as they sell the flour comparatively cheap in large quantities. However, for a smaller portion size, Amazon and Rewe are also good choices. 

Beet Root Powder: The Spirulina I am currently using is from Sevenhills Wholefoods

Chia: I love to purchase my Chia from, the local company I absolutely love for the quality foods

Vanilla: The best fresh ground Vanilla in the world

Tortilla Press: I purchased mine on Amazon

Maybe We Even Inspire The Mexicans To

Get Creative With Their National Food

"White Corn Flour Tortillas"!

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Share Your Tortilla Love With Me

I hope you enjoy your very first berry corn tortilla experience as much as I did. Like always, I would love to see your delicious result and repost it on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

xx, Karo

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Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas with Berries
The most berry Corn Tortilla you have ever tried. In this recipe, I used the classic Mexican Corn Tortilla recipe as a base and spiced it up with a delicious homemade and sugarfree current chia jam and a tiny bit of beet root powder. The result isn't only beautiful to look at but also tastes amazing with its very subtle sour flavor profile.
    • -  
      500 ml Water
    • -  
      400g Mexican Masa (Authentic Mexican Corn Flour, see link above)
    • -  
      4-5g Salt
    • -  
      200g Chia Current Jam (see recipe below)
    • -  
      1 Tbsp Beet Root Powder (see link above)
    • -  
      1kg fresh currants (frozen)
    • -  
      1 Tsp fresh ground Vanilla (see link above)
    • -  
      60g Chia
  1. Mix the flour, the currant jam, the beet root powder and the salt in a bowl or on a large working surface and slowly add 400 of the 600 ml of water.
  2. Then, start kneading the dough. Gradually add the last third of water until you end up with a lump-free dough. Once the dough is ready, pack it in a moist dishcloth so it does not dry out.
  3. Thereafter, get your tortilla press and place two plastic sheets inside. I usually cut up a small ziplog bag to get two plastic foil pieces the size of the tortilla maker.Alternatively, baking paper also works amazing.
  4. Now it’s time to make Tortillas. Grab equally sized portions of the dough and form them into little round balls. Depending on your preferred tortilla thickness you can try to make the balls a little bit bigger or smaller.
  5. Place the first foil on the tortilla maker, place the dough ball on top, then place the second foil over it and finally close the tortilla maker carefully. Thats it! Take the flat tortilla out of the tortilla press and place it in a heated pan to bake.
  6. The traditional “Chilaquiles Tortilla” is first “baked” in a pan without any oil. It is then cooled and stored until the whole pile is fried at the spot. I highly recommend to fry just before you eat the Tortillas to ensure ultimate “freshness” and “crunchiness”.
  7. To fry the Tortillas, first cut them into small triangles and put them in a heated pan with oil. For the oil, choose one with a high smoke temperature. (In Mexico, normal vegetable is typically used to fry Tortillas.) After 1-3 min in the pan, the Tortillas should be golden brown, i.e. ready to be taken out.
  8. For the Currant-Chia Jam, take your frozen currants and place them into a large pot. Bring to a boil. Then add the chia seeds and cook for another 10 min over low heat. Now, your jam should be semi-solid., which means it's ready. Add the vanilla and stir well.
  9. I pre-prepped the chia-jam a few days earlier and took it out of the fridge before prepping the tortillas. If you make the jam fresh, ensure to cool the mass completely before adding it to the "flour mix". I also used a hand blender to have a lump-free, homogeneous mass I can add to the mix.
  10. PS: A high-quality vanilla makes a huge difference in this recipe.

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