Easy To Prep, Loaded With Nutrients & Full Of Flavor: Green Peas

JULY 28, 2021

If You Ask Me, Peas Are Always A Good Idea

Hey Pea lover, when was the last time you had peas? Quite a while ago? Well, then I'd say, it's about time to befriend the tiny little green balls or pearls again. I personally love them as a summer salad addition. But also topped onto a delicious veggie bowl, pureed into "pea hummus", or used as a base for veggie fritters - peas are a perfect addition to so many dishes. 

Wondering Why You Should Eat More Peas?

Well first of all, peas are loaded with nutrients. They are rich in protein and therefore keep us full and satisfied for quite some time, they are loaded with fibre and contain many other minerals & vitamins that boost our immune system and foster our overall wellbeing. 

Next comes the flavor: Unlike various other plants that are more on the earthy and starchy side, peas bring a very mild, fresh, and sweet flavor to the table and are, in this way, a wonderful addition to a balanced meal.  

And last but not least: Peas are super easy to prep. Throw it your washed peas in salted water or mildly seasoned water and they will be ready after 10-15 min of cooking. Frozen ones are even faster to prep. They only take around 5 min in boiling water. 

Ready To Bring More Vibrant Green Onto Your Plate? 

Here are my latest go to pea recipes you should definitely try

1. Campanelle with mint, lemon and fresh peas

2. Summer Lentil Pasta with Radicchio, tiger nut and fresh peas

3. Arugula Lentil Pasta Salad with fresh summer veggies and peas


USDA Data: Peas (28.07.2021) 

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Love & plants, Karo

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