Eating Seasonal Series - "In Season In March"

APRIL 22, 2021

Wow. It's March. This Means..The Days Are Getting Longer, The Weather Better And The Fresh Produce Isle's Offer Is Growing Steadily

Hey Plant Friends! I am beyond excited you decided to take a look at this month's seasonal post. While the offer of fresh produce was still pretty scarce in February, we clearly see a slow and steady change in March. One of my personal highlights: This months we should be able to find the first fresh local rhubarb to top onto our breakfast bowls, make lemonade out of or use it as a hero ingredient for our next crumble or fruit cake cobbler. But there's much more, especially on the veggie side of life. :)

Ready to explore what's in season in March in Germany? Read on.

Regional & Freshly Available Fruits & Veggies In March

As you know, I am a true fan of eating fresh and seasonal! The fresher any food, the more nutrient-rich it is, the more vibrant and intensive the flavor and the better its support to our overall health and wellbeing. Ready to explore what's in season this month. The following list contains all seasonal fruits and veggies you should be able to find locally and freshly harvested in March:

1. Lamb's Lettuce

2. Chicory

3. Spinach

4. Wild Garlic

5. Arugula

6. Purslane

7.  Chive

8. Chervil 

9. Parsnip

10. Rhubarb

11. Champignons

12. Shiitake

13. King Oyster Mushrooms

Note that the last three plant foods (Shiitake, Champignons and King Oyster Mushrooms) aren't vegetables or fruits botanically. They form the own category in the plant kingdom. As many mushrooms nowadays aren't harvested wild any more, they are available all year around. I like to include them in the list of "seasonal plants" as mushrooms contain a unique and super beneficial nutrient profile for our health. They  typically are rich in minerals, low calorie and comparatively protein-rich. Therefore, don't hesitate to grab a handful of fresh mushrooms during your next food shopping trip.

Regional Fruits & Veggies "Freshly Available" From The Storage Cellar In March

As we can't and also should only live off the ten seasonal and regionally available fruits and veggies in season in March, we should take advantage of what's been harvested locally over the past months and has been stored and preserved in cold cellars for later consumptions. In the following you find all fruits and veggies that have been harvested during fall and winter season and that are therefore regionally fresh available in March:

1. Apple

2. Pear

3. Celery Root

4. Hokkaido Pumpkin

5. Butternut Pumpkin

6. Potato

7. Leek 

8. Carrot

9. Shallot / Onion

10. Beet Root

11. Chinese Cabbage

12. Cabbage (White & Red)

13. Savoy Cabbage

14. Jerusalem Artichoke

15. Horseradish

16. Black Salsify

March Eats: The Super Seasonal Bakd&Raw Dish Of The Month

Coming soon.

Cooking In Season: March Recipe Inspiration

I love the month of March. After months of rain, cold and snow, days finally get longer in Germany, the sun's greets with her beautiful warm sunrays, flowers start to peek out of the cold and muddy soil again and the variety of seasonal veggies & fruits grows steadily. 

One of my absolute favorite seasonal plant foods in March is "Wild Garlic". If you've never tried a Wild Garlic Pesto and have access to the plant, put it on your cooking bucket list. There's no other pesto than "Wild Garlic Pesto", I promise! :)

More super seasonal dishes, bakes and recipe inspiration is coming soon!

Share Your Seasonal Plant Love 

I hope I could inspire you to befriend the veggie isle of your nearby supermarket, plan a stroll across the nearby Farmer's Market or maybe even plant your own veggie garden this summer. Like always, I would love to see your delicious, seasonal creations and repost them on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to this post, my recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

Love & Plants, Karo

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