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Hola September, Hola Corn, Figs & Plums

September feels like a true transition month to me. It's slowly time to say goodbye to seasonal raspberries, gooseberries, currants and all the other deep red & blue berries we get to harvest throughout the summer season. But there's no reason to be sad. First, we can always fall back to our frozen berry batches for our delicious smoothies. Second, our red, nutritious friends are replaced by figs, plums and gradually also apples and pears. I find it so fascinating how nature provides us with the light red berries during summer and switches to more fibrous fruits and veggies for the colder winter months. 

What's your favorite seasonal September produce? If, you haven't thought about it, read on. I bet you'll get inspired throughout your read. :)

Regional & Freshly Available Fruits & Veggies In September

As you know, I am a true fan of eating fresh and seasonal. The colors of seasonal fruits and veggies are so vibrant, the flavors are incredible and of course, let's not even mention the nutrient profile of freshly harvested chanterelles vs. indoor cultivated mushrooms.

But enough advertisement for seasonal veggies and fruits... Let's explore the seasonal heroes of this beautiful summer month "September": 

Seasonal Fruits

1. Apple

2. Pear

3. Blackberries

4. Rosehip

5. Elderberry

6. Blueberry

7. Chestnut

8. Mirabelle

9. Peaches / Nectarines

10. Plums / Yellow Plums

11. Grapes

12. Fig

Seasonal Veggies

1. Carrot

2. Eggplant

3. Cauliflower

4. Green Beans

5. Broccoli / Romanesco

6. Butternut Pumpkin

7. Hokkaido Pumpkin

8. Leek

9. Spring Onion

10. Shallot / Onion

11. Fennel

12. Sweet Potato

13. Celery / Celery Root

14. Kohlrabi

15. Corn

16. Red Bell Pepper

17. Radish / Pink Radish

18. Beet Root

19. Cabbage (Chinese, Red, White, Pointed Cabbage)

20. Card

21. Tomato

22. Zucchini

Greens & Herbs: Dill, Majoram, Tarragon, Mint, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Chive, Chervil, Basil, Purslane, Radicchio, Pak Choi, Leaf Lettuce (Lollo Rosso), Arugula, Romanesco, Iceberg Lettuce, Spinach, Endive, Cress*

Mushrooms: Chanterelles**, Champignons, Porcini**, Shiitake, King Oyster Mushroom

All of the above-mentioned veggies and fruits should be freshly available either at your close-by farmer's market or at the veggie aisle of your neighborhood supermarket.

* Note on cress & microgreens: Cress and microgreens can be grown indoors all year round. 

**Note on mushrooms: Chanterelles and porcini are in season and farmed "wild" currently. Most of the other mushrooms are cultivated indoors and therefore available all year round. 

Regional Fruits & Veggies "Freshly Available" From The Storage Cellar In September

Taking at the vast variety of fruits and veggies that are "in season" in September, I feel this section is a little redundant (for now!). It will become more important over the next months as many of the beautiful fruits and veggies we get to enjoy throughout the summer period aren't winter stable and we therefore have to fall back on what we froze or fermented during the summer months. Well... or  import in the worst case. 

For now, let's look at the bright, super seasonal side of life. In the next section, I will share my favorite September recipe with you and give you some inspiration of what to cook this month. 

September Eats: The Super Seasonal Dish Of The Month

For this month's special seasonal feature, I decided to pick one of my favorite seasonal mushroom - chanterelles mushrooms. Freshly harvested, the little vibrant yellow-brownish mushrooms add an incredible umami flavor to any dish at hand. Besides, they are loaded with nutrients and, not to forget, also make the most beautiful decoration. 

The seasonal recipe feature you see is an Asian-inspired dish. But instead of using Asian noodles, I decided to integrate another seasonal, sometimes highly underrated hero - carrots. 

Thanks to the carrot noodle base it is "grain-free" and super light. The hearty asian-spiced miso-marinade adds depth to the meal, while the roasted sesame seeds and spring onion add a perfect crunch and a beautiful finish. The recipe is dairy- & grain-free, vegan and free from any source of refined sugar. Plus, the spice level depends on your personal choice. If you don't like spicy food, just omit the chili flake garnish. 

PS: If you want to make the dish a "balanced whole meal" instead of a delicious side dish, I recommend to marinate and roast a few cubes of tofu or tempeh. In this way, you add a filling protein source to the meal. 

Cooking In Season: September Recipe Inspiration

Chanterelles, corn, fennel, carrots & zucchini are all in season now and bring incredible, vibrant flavor to the table. Here are some of my favorite seasonal recipes. 

1. A German Classic turned healthy - German Kaiserschmarrn

2. Perfect for the first colder days - Warming Chestnut Soup (Vegan)

3. A protein-rich highlight - Chanterelle-Lentil Dal on Corn Tortillas 

4. Nutritious and beautiful - Wild herb salad with Lentil "Köttbular"

5. More than eye-candy - Currant Chilaquiles with Chanterelles & Cashew-Basil Salsa

6. Deliciously Healthy Kohlrabi Fries with Cashew Mayo (Vegan)

Share Your Seasonal PLANT LOVE STORY 

I hope I could inspire you with this article to befriend the veggie aisle of your nearby supermarket or, if accessible, potentially even visit a nearby farmer's market and purchase seasonal chanterelle mushrooms for a delicious chanterelle-veggie pasta. As always, I would love to see your delicious, seasonal creations and repost them on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Facebook.

Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to this post, my recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

Love & Plants, Karo

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