Carajillo Cheers to 2020

JULY 14, 2020

Note: I wrote this article originally on December 31st, 2019. Due to the website relaunch, the article setup had to be adapted slightly. The text is untouched though. Enjoy!

Let's Take A Deep Breath And Toast To 2019

Wow so much has happened this year! Let's reflect for a second! First and foremost 2019 was the year, I found what I love. How cheesy this sound but it's true! Until this year, I was so busy doing things that I thought would enable me to have a great career that I completely forgot to consider my natural talents and passions in this career equation. I learned that a brilliant Management Masters degree doesn't give you happiness if employed in a 9-5-job, I can't identify myself with! Moreover, I learned that living a life without friends on another content doesn't work either!

I started off 2019 in Monterrey Mexico (one of my favorite places in this world). There, I had met a very special person! I was living amongst the super-rich, in a world of servants, formal get-togethers, art exhibitions and holy Sunday lunches, in which at least 4 family generations participate. I am beyond thankful for this experience which I will never forget, ever! Especially to Diego, Diego and Cristina for sharing their wonderful kitchen with me - the place where I (re-)discovered my passion for cooking. 

I had fallen in love with the Mexican cuisine, the salsas, tortillas, hot chilis, nopales and black beans! I cooked almonst daily. And then there was the day, I started Bakd&Raw. On February 20th, 2019, I published my first article. I had this gut feeling that this blog was the right thing to do. I wanted to share my love and passion for healthy, plant-based cooking with likeminded people like you!

After many more or less severe diseases, I returned to Germany in spring and started working for a baby food Start-Up, where I have been learning all the ups and downs about entrepreneurship. It has been an incredibly interesting and inspiring journey working with two brilliant Harvard grad founders in this company. 

And yet, in 2019 I took a third big decision - I decided, I want to found a company and turn Bakd&Raw from a hobby into a business. Thus, more than everything, this year I learned to be brave and that we MUST fight our fears to achieve the things we desire. Has this year been hard for me? One million percent! Yet, I am more convinced than ever that the steps I took were the right ones. 

I have no idea what I will be able to reflect on next year at this time, but I am beyond excited for it?

My Goals for 2020

Hoping that next year's reflection will bring me tears of joy, I made a little list of things I want to achieve:

1. Make Meditation a "routine" to grow mentally and emotionally

2. Get the new Bakd&Raw website live (I have been working on this project for months now and I can't wait to show it to you!)

3. Share my love, knowledge and passion for cooking beautiful plant-foods with you daily AND build a community around it!

4. Learn Spanish

5. Cook with a famous chef

6. Make my first 100 EUR with Bakd&Raw (Plus, I still need to set up the company legally!)

7. Explore the cuisine in all the places I get to discover (travel to) this year

What Are Your 2020 Goals?

I would love to hear your plans for this amazing decade that is about to start and I really hope that this little personal story about my 2019 happenings motivates you to work on your dreams! If you feel like sharing, let's get in touch through the comment section below or through social

Cheers to us and this wonderful decade ahead!

A Cheat-Day Drink For This Special Occasion

Another thing, I have learned in 2019 - don't be too strict with yourself. Yes, you should definitely eat your veggies every day but if you have a legitimate reason to celebrate - celebrate! My drink of the year 2019 is this beautiful Carajillo which is served everywhere in Mexico. It is super sweet, yet it is the perfect drink for a long party night with all of your loved ones around. I promise, if you're a coffee lover like me, you will never forget the day you had YOUR first Carajillo!

Classic Mexican Carajillo
My little disclaimer to kickstart 2020: This recipe contains sugar and alcohol as well. I know - not what I am know for but there are moments in life when we should just let go of our strictness in life and simply celebrate the occasion. This was my very personal way to welcome 2020. Why? Because it's the most Mexican drink I know.
    • -  
      3-4 ice cubes
    • -  
      50ml cooled espresso
    • -  
      50 ml liquor 43
  1. Take a cocktail mixer and mix the ice cold espresso with the Liquor 43 until well combined.
  2. Pour the mix into a glass filled with ice. (If you feel extra fancy, you can also make some coffee bean ice cubes by freezing the coffee beans in water beforehand )

Did you try it?

Leave me a comment below!

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