Deliciously Raw Cucumber-Cashew Cream Gazpacho with Jalapeños (V, GF)

AUGUST 31, 2020

Are You Looking For The Perfect Summer Dish? My Love, Gazpacho It Is!

One of my favorite summer recipes are Gazpacho recipes. I love how easy it is to prep it and how refreshing it feels after a day in the hot summer sun. In this recipe, I replaced the traditional tomato-bread combo with a good amount of cucumbers and cashews, added a tiny bit of coco cream, loads of lime and a few Jalapeños for some extra flavor. My friends loved my wild Gazpacho interpretation, so I'm almost certain you will as well! 

Do You Need To Soak The Sunflower Seeds Beforehand?

For this recipe, the answer is YES - soaking is key. Not only for your health, but also for the desired consistency. Without soaking it is nearly impossible to reach the super creamy Gazpacho texture you can see in the images above and below. I usually soak my cashews overnight and suggest to give them at least 10h before you start prepping. Besides, soaking also helps to break down natural plant compounds which inhibit proper nutrient digestion and therefore increase the mineral availability for us. 

What You Need To Make Gazpacho

Gazpacho is one of those recipes which is super easy to prep and barely requires any equipment, which has an amazing flavor and which is even perfect to meal pep. The only things you should pay attention to is a good mixer and high-quality ingredients. 

Have a Good Mixer (High-Powered Blender) At Hand

To reach a super creamy cashew texture a high-powered blender is key. From personal experience I know, how hard it is to break cashews down without a high-powered blender. The texture unfortunately isn't the same as it is if the dish is made with a high-powered blender. I currently use a Ninja blender which works pretty good regarding it's price. What works even better is a Vitamix of course. But I'm currently still saving for this big investment :)

Use High-Quality ingredients

As this soup isn't cooked and no sugar is added the veggies are our raw recipe heroes. Therefore, it's super important that each ingredient has a fresh, natural & aromatic flavor by itself. I only use organic ingredient and try to purchase them at a local "Hofladen". This doesn't only ensure that we end up with a perfect aroma, at the same time we do something for our health and the local community. Win, win, win! 

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Share Your Gazpacho Love With Me

I hope you enjoy this delicious Gazpacho recipe just like I do every time I make it for my family and friends. Like always, I would love to see your delicious result and repost it on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

xx, Karo

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Deliciously Raw Cucumber-Cashew Cream Gazpacho with Jalapeño (V, GF)
This deliciously raw Cucumber-Cashew Cream Gazpacho is one of my favs this summer. Cool it in your fridge for 3-4h before serving and you have the perfect summer lunch or light dinner entrée.  Pro Tip: If you like it spicy, only remove half of the jalapeño seeds. (The recipe below isn't spicy as coconut cream and cashews absorb most of the jalapeños flavor.)
    • -  
      200g Cashews (soaked overnight)
    • -  
      70g Cucumber (removed skin & seeds)
    • -  
      85g Coconut Milk (Full-Fat or Light)
    • -  
      Juice from 1.5 Lemons
    • -  
      50g Miso (light brown Miso)
    • -  
      6g Garlic (minced)
    • -  
      200ml Water
    • -  
      2 Jalapeños (seeds removed)
    • -  
      Spices/ Herbs:
    • -  
      3g Salt
    • -  
      Pepper according to taste
    • -  
      6g fresh Mint
    • TOPPINGS :
    • -  
      Mint Leaves (decorative purpose and additional flavor)
    • -  
      Hemp Seeds (for additional crunch)
    • -  
      Decorative Flower (optional)
    • -  
      Microgreens (decorative purpose)
    • -  
      Extra Virgin Olive Oil (decorative purpose)
    • -  
      Cucumber (diced) (adds additional texture)
    • -  
      Additional Lime (adds additional flavor)
    • -  
      Jalapeño slices (adds additional flavor)
  1. Preparation: Soak your cashews for at least 10h (ideally overnight) before prepping the gazpacho.
  2. Next day: Rinse cashews and place them into your high-powered blender alongside with all remaining ingredients. Blend on high for 3-5 min until creamy. (Blending time highly varies depending on food mixer). Taste test and additional spices. If the cream is too thick for you, you can also add additional water according to taste.
  3. Transfer mix into a large jar or bowl and cool for at least 3h before serving. The colder the mix, the more refreshing.

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