Easy Peasy Pickled Onions

JULY 14, 2020

Easy Pickled Onions & Why You Should Always Store Pickled Onions in Your Fridge?

What would a Taco be without a deliciously sour pickled onion slice on top?

With their beautiful pink color, my pickled onions literally shine every time I open my fridge. And as I open my fridge many times throughout the day, I catch myself using pickled onions over everything almost everything - not only tacos .. Topped on my wholegrain slice of bread, my salad bowls and of course, all of my other Mexican dishes. Depending on the "infuser" I used for the base recipe (Jalapeño peppers, ginger, mustard seeds), the onions always add a super unique flavor profile to my dish at hand. The Jalapeño version for example, works magically in a Veggie Taco, whereas mustard seeds or ginger make a great addition to a veggie bowl. Read on and give onions a try! :)

What You Need To Make Easy Pickled Onions

To make your own pickled onions, you actually need very little resources. The only important equipment I think is worth to be mentioned explicitly is a sealable glass jar to store the pickled onions. Don't use a plastic jar for this process to avoid any harmful substances to dissolve in your onion-vinegar mix. I either use 340ml Weck Jars or the smaller 290ml size. I have bought mine both, at Amazon and at Butlers.com

In summary you need, 

- Red onions (or shallots alternatively)

- Apple Cider Vinegar (I recommend a better quality vinegar as you taste the vinegar flavor in your onions). I personally love Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. But this option is rather on the costly side

- Water

- Raw Honey (also try to use local and organic here as local honey contains many nutrients valuable to strengthen your immune system)

- Additional "add-ins": Red pepper seeds, mustard seeds, cilantro, garlic, rosemary, ginger, jalapeño or other pepper types)

Pickled Onion Hacks i.e. Tips And Tricks To Make The Perfect Pickled Onions

1. Use a glass jar

As mentioned above, a glass jar is crucial for the process. Plus, they also look beautiful from a visual point of view. If you don't have any glass jars at home, just buy your next yogurt in a glass jar and reuse the jar. If however, you want to invest in some Ball or Mason Jars, I recommend those Weck Jars from Amazon  or Butlers.com. as well as these Ball Jars (alternative: these). 

2. Choose the right onions

I recommend you to use regular red onions. They have a beautiful intensive flavor and their color is just amazing for beautiful pink pickled onions. However, red shallots work just as well. 

3. Be hygienic and store your onions properly

To be able to enjoy your delicious pickled onions days several after preparing them, make sure to use a clean glass jar. I recommend to rinse the glasses out with boiling water before adding the onions. 

4. Go with natural and high-quality ingredients

Make sure to use high-quality ingredients. Not only your body will thank you for the pure veggie, honey and vinegar, but you will also taste the difference. From my experience, cheap vinegar does by far not taste as good as high-quality vinegar. 

What Can You Do With Your Homemade Pickled Onions?

I like to say: "The world is your oyster. Just go ahead and experiment. My personal favorite pickled onion topped dishes are

- Rainbow Salad Bowls with pickled onions

- Tacos with pickled onions

- Homemade whole grain slice of bread with pickled onion topping

- Oven-baked veggies with pickled onion topping

Share Your Love!

I am beyond excited for your opinion. Let me know whenever you get the chance to try your first homemade pickled onions. I promise you, you will love them. Plus, they are a perfect meal-prep recipe. Just prep them during the weekend and you have your deliciously spicy salad, taco and veggie bowl topping ready throughout the week. 

Share your love in the comments below or share your delicious pickled onion recipes with me on IG @bakdandraw

Easy Pickled Onions
+4 (290ml) SERVINGS PREP TIME : 15 min COOK/REST TIME : min. 2 hours
Pickled onions are a true highlight topping on a slice of wholegrain bread, salads, and of course - Mexican food. If you are interested in learning how to make your own pickled onions, here is your Go-To recipe.
    • PICKLED ONIONS (1 JAR = 340ML) :
    • -  
      150g red onions (peeled and cut) (alternative shallots)
    • -  
      90ml apple cider vinegar
    • -  
      140ml water
    • -  
      6g honey (1 Tsp)
    • -  
      2g salt
    • -  
      Either: 10-15 red pepper seeds
    • -  
      Or: 10-15 mustard seeds
    • -  
      Or: 10-15 cilantro seeds
    • -  
      Or: 5 thin garlic slices
    • -  
      Or: 2 rosemary leaves
    • -  
      Or: 5 think slices of ginger
    • -  
      Or: 4-5 thin slices of jalapeño pepper / spicy yellow pepper
  1. First, cut the onions into small, thin slices. Then, place them into the designated glass jar. (Make sure to separate the onion slices so they can absorb the liquid properly.) If you wish to "spice up" your onions, pick an add-in from the list above and add it to the jar with the onions.
  2. Meanwhile, heat your apple cider vinegar, water, salt and honey in a small saucepan until honey and salt have dissolved.
  3. Then, pour the warm (not hot) liquid mix over the onions and close the jar with the appropriate lid.
  4. Once the onions have cooled down a little, place them into the fridge and store until serving.
  5. Keep them at least for two hours in the fridge before serving. Ideally, wait until the next day before serving! By then, they have absorbed a good amount of the added !avors and have the perfect pink pickled onions color.
  6. Enjoy.
  7. NOTE 1: Note: I recommend to (at least) double the recipe amount when you make your pickled onions to have di#erent !avors at hand. You can store the onions for at least 2 weeks in your fridge if you prep and store them hygienically.
  8. NOTE 2: If you want, you can also increase the vinegar amount and reduce the water amount up to a 50/50 proportion. This will give the onions an even stronger vinegar flavor. If you make pickled onions, for the first time, I recommend to go with my base recipe though.

Did you try it?

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