German Wholegrain Pancakes with Sugar-Free Apricot Salsa and Elderflower

JULY 14, 2020

My Ulitmate Childhood Throwback - German Wholegrain Pancakes With The Best Early Summer Topping - Apricots!

When I was young, my Mum used to be very strict with regards to our nutrition. She precisely looked over the things we ate and made sure our diet was filled with fruits and veggies. But of course, we also had the "Let's treat ourselves good kind-of days." One recipe I would definitely put into this category, are Mum's delicious wholegrain pancakes. Topped with lots of fruits, sometimes even veggies in a more savory version, I felt like in food-heaven as a child. What my Mum didn't use back then was nut butter. But I am 100% sure, she would have offered the healthy and delicious nut cream to us, if she knew about about it back then. But enough about my childhood, let's get into making German Wholegrain Pancakes. 

How To Make Healthy German Wholegrain Pancakes

German pancakes are very similar to the French crepe. The only differences are: They are baked in butter (or olive oil) in my case and the pancake itself is slightly thicker than it's French brother. One secret in the recipe is sparkling water. If you let the pancake batter sit for about 30min (I sometimes even store it for an entire day in the fridge before baking it), you end up with a perfectly fluffy pancake consistency. 

Also note: German pancakes are naturally "savory"/ "salty". Therefore, they also form a perfect base for a savory dish. In sweet compositions however, the mild saltiness creates a super delicious balance to sweet fruits, mild creams and hearty nutty butters.

What You Need To Make My Deliciously Healthy German Wholegrain Pancakes

With regards to equipment, the only thing I recommend is a good mixer. I typically use a hand mixer for smaller desserts, which I can easily whisk in one single bowl. The mixer I use is from Siemens.* It was a present from my mum when I moved out. 


Create Ultimate Harmony - The Perfect Wholegrain Pancake Topping

Last but not least and my favorite part in the kitchen - decorating food: I topped my healthy wholegrain pancakes with a delicious, homemade and sugar-free apricot compote. The sweet and fruity apricot compote combined with the pancake base, creamy yoghurt, raw cacao, nut butter and elderflowers, which by the way don't only look beautiful but also add a very unique flavor profile, is pure heaven. Especially if you like dark chocolate, don't miss out on the cacao nibs, you definitely taste them in every bite. 

Share Your Love

Enjoy your deliciously healthy wholegrain pancake and let me know what you think about it - either in the comments below or tag me in your healthy pancake food story on social  .

xx, Karo

Sugar-Free Apricot Salsa and German Wholegrain Pancakes
10 pancakes SERVINGS PREP TIME : 20- 30 min COOK/REST TIME : +/- 30 min
German Wholegrain Pancakes with a sugar-free apricot salsa, elderflowers, yoghurt cream, raw cacao and nut butter are the perfect rich, satisfying and super creamy "guilt-free weekend treat". The sugar-free apricot sauce gives the recipe the perfect "fruitiness", while the wholegrain German "pancakes" bring pure pleasure to your weekend. Enjoy! 
    • -  
      4 organic eggs
    • -  
      350ml Almond Milk
    • -  
      150ml Mineral Water (Sparkling Water is important)
    • -  
      275g Wholegrain Spelt Flour
    • -  
      5g Salt (or depending on taste. Pancake should taste slightly salty before baking).
    • -  
      Olive Oil to fry pancakes
    • -  
      750g (ca. 12 apricots)
    • -  
      1 Pinch of fresh ground Vanilla
    • -  
      100ml water
    • -  
    • -  
      Fresh Apricot Slices
    • -  
      1 Tbsp Yoghurt or Curd
    • -  
      Raw Cacao or Raw Cacao Nibs
    • -  
      1 Tsp Nut Butter (for ex. Almond Butter)
  1. For the pancakes, place the eggs in a large bowl and whisk with a hand mixer. Then add the remaining ingredients and whisk again. You should end up with a pretty liquid, lump-free dough.
  2. Let the dough sit for about 30 minutes.
  3. Then bake the pancakes with a little bit of olive oil in your frying pan - one pancake at the time. Important: German pancakes are meant to thin; similar to the French crepes. The more dough you use, the ticker you pancakes get.
  4. For the Apricot salsa, place the apricots in a large bowl, pour hot water over them and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Then, remove the skin from the apricots. I usually do this under running water as the apricots are pretty hot after their hot water bath.
  5. Then, half the apricots, take their seed out and place them into a pot, alongside with 100ml water and the vanilla.
  6. Cook the mix for about 30 minutes (or until your apricots are soft).
  7. Et voila - you have a perfectly healthy fruit compote for your pancakes.
  8. I like to add nut butter, a little bit of yoghurt or curd and raw cacao to my pancakes. In my opinion, the raw cacao just forms a perfect balance to the sweet, creamy and nutty pancake. Enjoy

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