Miso-Parsley Risotto With Brazil Nut Crunch, Lemon Zest & Kumquat

FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Creamy Green Risotto - An All Time Classic Covered In Miso-Parsley!

Who doesn't love Risotto? I am a huge fan of the super creamy grain. But instead of serving it with a deep white and rich mushroom sauce I thought - Why not cover it in green and top it with the rich flavor profile of fresh citrus fruits and super nutritious superfood Brazil Nuts? This is how this dish came to live. And a very cool side note before we deep dive into the flavor profile of the dish. It may not look like it, but this super creamy Miso-Parsley Risotto with Brazil Nut, Lemon Zest and Kumquat is super easy to prep. Enjoy!

Risotto Lovers! 

This Deliciously Green Salsa Can Be Your Ultimate Excuse To Serve The Creamy Risotto Grain More Often

Key Recipe Components For A Magical Green Risotto!

What makes this dish super special are the contrasting flavors and textures of the veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, herbs & spices. The risotto rice forms the creamy base. Thanks to the onion-leek base, the herbal miso-parsley salsa adds quite a sweet, yet simultaneously deep umami-rich note to the mix. The Brazil nut is there to add the perfect crunch and additional texture, while the lemon zest and the kumquat form the fresh and mildly sour balance to the creamy-sweet risotto mix.

PS - for all of my cheese-loving friends out there: Fold in some nutritional yeast or deliciously aged parmesan before serving. I also added some spinach and a quarter of an avocado last time I served it to make it even more green, nutritious and balanced. Avocado is a perfect natural and healthy source of fat. 

Plant Food Shopping Tips:

Miso Shopping: As you know, I'm a huge Miso fan. For the perfect flavor, pay attention to a clean label when purchasing your Miso. The shorter the ingredient panel, the better. And for a full nutrient-boost / gut treatment, make sure to go purchase a miso that has been fermented in a natural way. My current go-to source is fairment. I've been working with them for quite some time and absolutely love their product quality. With the code Karolin10 you can save 10% on your next purchase

Nuts&Seeds: Make sure to purchase organic nuts and seeds. Again, there are immense quality difference based on where you purchase your nuts and seeds. What I can recommend is 1001Frucht.de for the German market. I love their product quality and since I get a close look behind the scene of the company, I know they really do their best sourcing in a fair manner from small farmers all around the world. 

Share Your Miso-Parsley Risotto Love 

I hope you enjoy this super flavorful and creamy Miso-Risotto recipe as much as I did when I tried it for the first time. Like always, I would love to see your delicious result and repost it on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

Love & Plants, Karo

Miso-Parsley Risotto With Brazil Nut Crunch, Lemon Zest & Kumquat
What if we combined our Risotto with a deliciously flavorful Umami Miso-Parsley Salsa, added a crunchy Brazil Nut, fresh Lemon Zest and a Kumquat to balance the sweet-herbal base flavor with pure freshness and a maximum amount of nutrients? 
    • -  
      200g Risotto
    • -  
      1 Small Leek (or 1/2 large Leek)
    • -  
      1 Medium Yellow Onion
    • -  
      1 Galic Clove (minced)
    • -  
      200ml Dry White Wine
    • -  
      500ml Veggie Broth (+ additional if needed)
    • -  
      50g Parsley (weight stems removed)
    • -  
      30ml Plant Milk (ex. Almond Milk)
    • -  
      20g Butter (or Vegan Butter)
    • -  
      2 Tbsp Light Miso
    • -  
      2-3 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
    • -  
      Olive Oil or other Oil to fry
    • -  
      Seasoning: Fresh ground pepper, optional flaky sea salt
    • TOPPINGS :
    • -  
      1 Kumquat (per plate)
    • -  
      1 Brazil Nut (per plate)
    • -  
      1 Parsley Leave (per plate)
    • -  
      Lemon Zest
    • -  
      Optional: 1/4 Avocado (sliced on top)
    • -  
      Optional: Fresh Baby Leave Spinach
  1. Wash the milk rice thoroughly. (Washing removes part of the starch. Hence, if you want your milk rice to be extra sticky, don't wash it for too long. However, I truly believe it is important to clean the rice before adding it to the pan.)
  2. Take your leek and onion and chop very finely. Then, add it with the minced garlic and your frying oil / butter to a large pot and heat slowly. Make sure the onions, garlic and the leek get a light shiny and translucent color.
  3. Then, add the risotto rice to the pot and heat it carefully. Once it looks shiny and translucent as well, deglaze the mix with half of the wine. Wait until the wine has cooked off and repeat the process.
  4. Add the Veggie broth and cook the risotto until it has reached the perfect crunchy consistency. If you see that all your broth has cooked of, yet the rice isn't ready yet, add additional broth and continue the cooking process.
  5. Meanwhile, remove the thicker stalks from your parsley and wash it thoroughly. Add it to a mixing bowl alongside with the plant milk, the miso and the nutritional yeast. Mix with your hand mixer until you end up with a delicious creamy sauce.
  6. Once the rice is ready, fold in your parsley salsa and your butter. Try and season according to taste.
  7. Serve with the toppings listed or get creative.

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