Spicy Cantaloupe Melon-Carrot Soup with Crunchy Umami Crumble

AUGUST 15, 2021

Summer, Sun & A Vibrant Orange Melon Soup

Hey my friend. I'm so excited to finally share this recipe with you. I've been making this delicious Cantaloupe Melon-Carrot soup all summer but I never had the chance to take a few photos of it. Until now! And I'm actually kind of proud. They turned out amazing in the new apartment. 

A few things about the soup: The soup is pretty sweet - so watch out if you're not the biggest fan of very tropical, sweet-spicy recipe combos. If you're more of a hearty kind of person, I recommend you to go cold and try my favorite hearty tomato gazpacho instead. Second, you decide how thick you want your soup to be. If you want it very light, I recommend to strain it and potentially add a little bit more water or coco cream before serving. If you eat the soup for yourself and enjoy a thick soup with a great, thick texture, just leave it as it is without straining it. 

That's it. I hope you enjoy this delicious, plant-loaded and vibrant orange melon-carrot summer soup!

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xx, Karo

Spicy Cantaloupe Melon-Carrot Soup with Crunchy Umami Crumble
This spicy cantaloupe melon-carrot soup with umami crumble is my absolute favorite tropical summer soup. It is super refreshing, loaded with whole plant foods, and brings a wonderful, tropical vibe to your table. Enjoy!
    • -  
      450g carrots
    • -  
      1 Tsp veggie stock
    • -  
      1 Cantaloupe melon
    • -  
      20g neutral oil or butter
    • -  
      800ml water
    • -  
      1 yellow onion (roughly 175g)
    • -  
      130g full-fat coconut milk
    • -  
      15g coconut flower sugar
    • -  
      Chilli flakes according to taste / space preference
    • -  
      100g Wholegrain Flour
    • -  
      50g Butter
    • -  
      1/2 Tsp Miso (light brown)
    • -  
      5g Coconut Flower Sugar
    • -  
      2g Salt
    • TOPPINGS :
    • -  
      Fresh Thyme
    • -  
      Chopped Cashews
    • -  
      Umami Crumble
  1. Wash the carrots and cut them into large chunks. Add the water to a large pot and heat it with the veggie stock. Once the water is boiling, add the carrots and cook them until tender.
  2. Meanwhile cut the melon. Make sure to save a few scoops for the garnish. Add the melon, oil and the sugar to a frying pan and caramelize the melon slowly.
  3. Once the carrots are soft, strain off the veggie stock water and add the carrots to the pan with caramelized melons. Make sure to save the veggie broth for later usage. Its rich in nutrients and will serve as a soup seasoning.
  4. Continue to caramelize the onions with the carrots for a few minutes, then add them to the veggie broth pot, alongside with the coconut milk. Continue to cook for a few minutes. Now its time to mix everything. You can either mix the soup with a hand mixer or use a smoothie maker / other kitchen device to do so.
  5. Season to taste and serve. I love to add chili flakes before I mix the whole soup. But you can also add powdered chili after the mixing process.
  6. Umami Crumble: Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and knead until a firm dough is formed. Break the dough into crumbs and bake in the preheated oven at 170*C (hot air) for about 15 min

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