Authentic Mexican Tortillas with Spirulina, Loads Of Veggies & A Delicious Macadamia-Spinach Salsa (V, GF)

JULY 28, 2020

Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas with Spirulina And A Delicious Macadamia-Spinach Salsa.

Authentic and healthy Mexican Corn Tortillas with Spirulina and a delicious Macadamia-Spinach Salsa? Does this sounds like a dream combo to you? Then read on!

Since I lived in Mexico, I'm a huge Taco Lover! The flavor of fresh, homemade corn tortillas is incomparable to anything you taste in a Mexican restaurant over here. Unfortunately, most Mexican restaurants in Germany haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I I absolutely don't understand why. Once you know how to make tacos, it's super easy. Plus you barely need any ingredients. The right flour, water and salt. That's it! The recipe below contains a delicious base corn tortilla recipe with added spirulina and my beloved green spinach-macadamia pesto as a delicious salsa topping idea for all the good veggies you put inside. Enjoy!

A True Mexican At Heart Will Tell You: The Classic Tortilla Is Made With White Corn Flour, Not Wheat! 

What You Need To Make Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas With Spirulina?

Well to make Tacos, there is one essential you need, the right flour, and this flour is non-substitutable (I'm sorry!). Unfortunately, the flour isn't that easy to access here in Germany yet. Therefore,  I highly recommend to purchase the flour online, unless you have a Mexican supermarket anywhere nearby of course. I purchased my flour from a store called MexGrocer, where I found it for a much better price than on Amazon or Rewe

Besides "Taco Harina", you definitely need Spirulina if you want to make your Tacos super protein-rich and as green as mine. The Spirulina I currently use is from Sevenhills Wholefoods.

Another ingredient worth mentioning are Macadamias for the "salsa" as the nut isn't that easy to access yet either. Most Macadamias on the shelve are roasted and salted. I don't recommend those for cooking. Ideal are "unprocessed" or "raw" Macadamia nuts. Mine are from my favorite online store I absolutely love the quality of their nuts. 

How To Make Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas

Honestly, it is super easy to make "authentic Mexican tortillas" if you have the equipment at hand. You mix the masa (dough) with water and salt and knead it until you end up with a perfectly smooth dough. Then, form little balls out of the dough which are then pressed into a flat tortillas. To press the tortillas, I personally use this Taco press. However, you can also use a rolling pin and just roll them out. (It takes a little while but works just as well). 

Then last but not least, the raw tortilla has to be cooked. I usually use a regular pan for it without any oil. At this stage, you don't fry the tortilla. If you want to add a little oil to your tortilla, place it back into your pan for a second round right before serving. At the initial "baking stage" though, no oil please! And that's it! If you got the salsa and the veggie filling ready, everything is ready to serve. 

PS: Many Mexicans cover the fresh corn tortillas in a little towel placed in a bowl after the "baking" process. This helps to keep the tortilla hot until they are enjoyed at the lunch, dinner and even breakfast table. 

In The Mood For More Mexican Recipes?

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Share Your Veggie Taco Love With Me!

I hope you enjoy this veggie Taco recipe with my beloved Macadamia-Spinach Salsa as much as I do. Like always, I would love to see your delicious results and repost them on my social channels. Therefore, make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form. 

xx, Karo

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Authentic Mexican Tortillas with Spirulina, Loads Of Veggies & A Delicious Macadamia-Spinach Salsa
If you ask me, tacos are the best dish in the world. Ever since I tasted the "real" Taco flavor in Mexico, I can't live without them any more. The traditional white Mexican corn flour is so aromatic and distinct that you already feel like you are in Mexico, even when you prepare the tortillas in your little apartment in Europe. The recipe below contains a delicious base corn tortilla recipe with spirulina my beloved green spinach-macadamia pesto and tons topping inspiration. 
    • -  
      600ml Water
    • -  
      400g Mexican Masa (Authentic Mexican Corn Flour)
    • -  
      1 Tbsp (7g) Spirulina
    • -  
      8g Salt
    • -  
      75g Macadamias
    • -  
      75g Cashews
    • -  
      1 1/2 Lime
    • -  
      120ml Water
    • -  
      45ml Olive Oil
    • -  
      100g Spinach (I used regular fresh spinach without stems; Alternat. Baby leave spinach)
    • -  
      1 Garlic clove (minced)
    • -  
      7g fresh cilantro (optional)
    • -  
      Salt/Pepper according to taste
    • -  
      Roasted Sweet Potatoes (recipe is on the blog)
    • -  
      Cooked Quinoa (recipe is on the blog)
    • -  
      Loads of lime (very important for Mexican dishes)
    • -  
    • -  
    • -  
    • -  
      Green Chilis (comparatively mild in taste)
    • -  
      Roasted Sweet Corn
    • -  
      Sauteed Mushrooms (with red onions; for this recipe I used Champignons)
    • -  
      Spinach (cut into thin slices)
  1. Pour the flour, the salt and the spirulina on a large working surface, ideally a large table. Form a hole in the middle of the flour mountain and slowly pour 400 of the 600 ml of water in the middle.
  2. Then, start kneading the dough. Gradually add the last third of water until you end up with a lump-free dough. Once the dough is ready, pack it in a moist dishcloth.
  3. Then, pick up the tortilla maker and place two plastic sheets inside. I usually cut up a small ziplog bag to get two plastic foil pieces the size of the tortilla maker. (Alternative is cutting a sheet of baking paper in half).
  4. Now it’s time to make Tortillas. Grab equally sized portions of the dough and form the into little round balls. Depending on your preferred tortilla thickness you can try to make the balls a little bit bigger or smaller.
  5. Place the masa ball into your tortilla maker (in-between the two plastic or baking paper sheets) and close the tortilla maker carefully. Thats it! Take the flat tortilla out of the tortilla press and place it in a heated pan to bake.
  6. Important: You don't need any oil for the initial baking round. If you wish to add oil, you definitely can. However, the traditional way is without oil at this stage.
  7. For the Spinach-Macadamia-Cashew dip there isn't much to do but soaking the nuts. Soak the macadamias and the cashews for 4-6h prior preparation.
  8. Then just combine all ingredients in your food processor and mix until you end up with a deliciously creamy salsa.

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Fun and delicious twist on a classic!
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