Sprouted Fried Rice with Tofu Chicken

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021

The Best Tofu You Ever Had Topped Onto Sprouted Fried Rice. It Can't Get Better Right?

Hey friends, I finally managed to wrap up my recipe notes and summarize this amazing recipe for you on the blog. Especially for the Asian cuisine lovers amongst you, I promise you will love this dish. And the cool thing - the recipe is loaded with nutrients, it is a whole, balanced meal and the tofu tastes amazing and is just so much better than at least 95% of the real chicken out there. :)

A few hacks on the recipe: To make the dish extra delicious, try to combine cooked with raw vegetables, add a crunchy topping and make the base extra creamy. That way, you get to experience many different textures aside from the delicious flavors. For this recipe, I added raw spring onions as a finish, topped everything with toasted sesame seeds for the crunch, added plant milk to the sauce for additional creaminess, and cooked the stir fry veggies until they reached their perfect hot and almost soft texture. 

The Perfect Rice Is Sprouted

The rice I used for this recipe is extra special because aside from it being "naturally whole grain", it has also been sprouted. Sprouted rice has less phytic acid than traditional rice, it has an alkaline effect and, on top of all, the germination process even increases the bioavailability of the vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances.*

So as you can tell, I'm a huge fan of sprouted foods. I actually wrote tons of posts about the benefits of sprouting foods a while ago and I highly recommend you checking them out - especially my blog post on 5+1 reasons why you should get into sprouting

So now the question: Where to find sprouted rice: My best recommendation for all Germans is Aho Bio. They have an amazing, organic, natural product portfolio, including the sprouted rice I used for this recipe.**

* Source: Aho Bio

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Share Your Sprouted Fried Rice & Tofu Love 

I hope you enjoy this deliciously healthy, balanced & protein-rich Asian-vegan recipe as much as I do. The Asian cuisine is so incredibly versatile. Every time I experiment with a new veggie and the umami-rich sauces, I'm amazed. Plus, it's truly one of my favorite ways to prepare Tofu. 

As always, I would love to see your delicious result and repost it on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Facebook or just use the #bakdandraw. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe, or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form.

Love & plants, Karo

Sprouted Fried Rice With Tofu Chicken
An Asian veggie classic turned vegan. This super creamy sprouted fried rice bowl with marinated tofu chicken is heaven on earth. It is rich in fibre, protein and loaded with plant nutrients. I hope you enjoy!
    • -  
      150g Rice (I used Aho Bio Sprouted Rice)
    • -  
      Water according to packaging
    • -  
      Dash of salt
    • -  
      150g organic Tofu (plain; non-marinated)
    • -  
      40g Hazelnut Butter
    • -  
      15ml Tamari (or Soy Sauce)
    • -  
      8g Apple Balsamic Vinegar
    • -  
      Dash of dried, ground Ginger (fresh also works)
    • -  
      1 Tbsp Sesame oil
    • -  
      1 Tbsp fresh Lime Juice
    • -  
      Coconut oil to fry
    • -  
      Toasted Sesame Seed Topping
    • -  
      70g frozen Edamame
    • -  
      200g carrots (cut into small dice)
    • -  
      1 yellow onion (roughly 130g)
    • -  
      Fresh ginger minced (sub with dried, ground ginger)
    • -  
      1 medium red bell pepper
    • -  
      Chili flakes or fresh chili (optional and recommended if you like hot food)
    • -  
      2 Tbsp Tamari (or soy sauce)
    • -  
      50ml plant milk (reduced until creamy)
    • -  
      coconut oil to fry
    • -  
      Dash of fresh lime juice & optional zest for garnish
    • -  
      Salt & Pepper according to taste
    • -  
      1-2 spring onions (raw garnish)
  1. Rice: Cook the rice according to the label instructions. Then set it aside.
  2. Tofu Chicken: First prep the tofu chicken marinade. Meanwhile prepare the tofu. If your tofu contains a lot of water, I recommend pressing it beforehand. If not, you're good to go. Break the tofu into small pieces and fry them in a hot pan with coconut oil until golden brown. Then remove the tofu from the heat and add the sauce. Stir until all tofu pieces are nicely coated. Finish with toasted sesame seeds.
  3. For the fried rice: Start to sauté the onion with in your oil of choice (coconut or sesame is recommended for Asian dishes). Then add the carrots and if necessary a slash of water so the carrots cook through full. After a few minutes add the bell pepper, the ginger, the optional chili (fresh or dried), the edamame, the rice and your spices. Cook for roughly 5 more minutes. Then finish the meal with your seasoning of choice. I love to add a bit of soy sauce (or Tamara) as well as oat milk which adds additional creaminess and a mild sweetness that perfectly balances the hot chili base. Cook on high heat until the milk has reduced.
  4. Then you're ready to serve: I recommend additional tasted sesame seeds for the crunch ans raw spring onion for freshness and flavor. Enjoy!

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