Plant-based Tomato Gazpacho (Raw, Vegan)

SEPTEMBER 20, 2020

Are You Looking For The Perfect Summer Dish? I Say Plant-Based Tomato Gazpacho!

One of my favorite summer recipes are Gazpacho soups. I love how easy it is to prep a Gazpacho and how refreshing it feels to eat the cold and creamy vegetable soup after hot summer day. The plant-based Tomato Gazpacho recipe you will find in the following is my interpretation of the Italian classic Tomato Gazpacho. It is made of fresh organic tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber and a few bread crumbs (for improved flavor and a perfectly creamy soup texture). Topped with Microgreens, a few additional tomato chunks, roasted bread crumbs, hemp and pumpkin seeds, the dish almost looks like a painting. The most healthy painting you you can ever find, I'd say! The plant-based recipe is raw, vegan, sugar-free as well as free from gluten if you use a gluten-free bread for the soup. 

Tomato Gazpacho Essentials

Tomato Gazpacho is one of those recipes which is super easy to prep and barely requires any equipment, which has an amazing flavor and which is even perfect to meal pep. The only things you should pay attention to is a good mixer and high-quality ingredients. 

Have a Good Mixer (High-Powered Blender) At Hand & Strain the Raw Ingredients before cooling

To reach a super creamy tomato gazpacho texture, a high-powered blender is key. I currently use a Ninja blender for all of my blended recipes. Regarding the price, it's an excellent mixer. What I do though to end up with a perfectly creamy texture, I strain the tomato puree after a fist mix and continue to blend for another 3-5 min for a perfectly creamy plant-based gazpacho texture. 

Use High-Quality ingredients

As this soup isn't cooked and no sugar is added the veggies are our raw recipe heroes. Therefore, it's super important that each ingredient has a fresh, natural & aromatic flavor by itself. I only use organic ingredient and try to purchase them at a local "Hofladen". This doesn't only ensure that we end up with a perfect aroma, at the same time we do something for our health and the local community. Win, win, win! 

Why Should I Peel The Tomato Skin?

When I cook tomatoes, I usually always peel the skin off the tomatoes. Peeled tomatoes are much softer than their unpeeled counterparts. Besides, the skin adds slightly bitter flavor to the mix, which I personally don't like as much as the naturally sweet tomato cream flavor I get when I peel the tomatoes beforehand. 

Besides, tomatoes and bell peppers are nightshade plants, which, unfortunately, can cause inflamation in our bodies, if consumed in high dosis. As the peel is particularly rich in those inflammatory substances (lectins, calciferol and solanin), I personally try to reduce the intake by removing the peel from the main ingredient at least. Feel free to also remove the peel of the red bell pepper). 

In Gazpacho Mood? 

Gazpacho is incredibly versatile and, in my opinion, the perfect summer dish. Try for example my deliciously healthy Cucumber-Cashew Cream Gazpacho recipe. Just like this tomato version, it's super easy to prep, wholesome and so refreshing.

Share Your Tomato Gazpacho Love With Me

I hope you enjoy this delicious Tomato Gazpacho recipe as much as I do every time I prep it for my family. Like always, I would love to see your delicious results and repost it on my social channels. Therefore make sure to tag me on your Tomato Gazpacho creation on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

xx, Karo

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Super Refreshing Tomato Gazpacho (Raw, Vegan)
Gazpacho, which is a cold soup made from raw, blended veggies, is the perfect summer dish. All you need is a handful of fresh summer veggies & a high-powered blender. The preparation doesn't take much time either. Cut all raw vegetables into small chunks, let them soak into your marinate, blend them up and cool the soup at least 1-2 hours before serving for a perfect aroma. That's all it takes to make this deliciously refreshing summer soup aka Gazpacho. 
    • -  
      150g Bread (I used an organic pumpkin seed-potato bread) + additional 50g for garnish (see below)
    • -  
      1.2g Tomatoes (weight with skin; skin is removed for recipe)
    • -  
      200g Cucumber (weight without skin; skin & seeds are removed for recipe)
    • -  
      1 Red Bell Pepper (200g)
    • -  
      120g Red Onion (weight with peel)
    • -  
      70g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • -  
      15g Red Wine Vinegar
    • -  
      5g Apple Cider Vinegar
    • -  
      6g Garlic (minced)
    • -  
    • -  
      5g Salt
    • -  
      Pepper according to taste
    • TOPPINGS :
    • -  
      Hemp Seeds
    • -  
      Sprouts or Microgreens
    • -  
      Tomato Chunks
    • -  
      Additional Bread crumbs (roasted in oil)
    • -  
      Pumpkin Seeds
  1. Step one is removing the tomato skin from our fresh tomatoes: Take your fresh tomatoes and place them into a bowl of hot water for 1-2 min until the skin is starting to soften. Then remove the skin carefully. I usually remove it under running water to protect my fingers from the heat.
  2. Thereafter cut the tomatoes into medium-sized chunks. (Don't use the core). Follow the same procedure for the bell pepper and the cucumber. Then, peel the onion and follow the same cutting procedure. Lastly, cut the bread into medium-sized chunks. Add it, alongside with the minced garlic to a large bowl.
  3. Take your veggie & bread bowl and add the olive oil as well as the red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and the spices. Mix well and refrigerate for at least 1h. (The soaking process helps to create maximum flavor)
  4. Place all ingredients into high-powered blender and blend until you have reached your preferred consistency. I personally like my tomato Gazpacho super soft and creamy. Therefore, I ran it through a sieve after after mixing it for 2-3 min, put it back into the mixer and ran the mixer for another 2 min until I ended up with a super creamy puree.
  5. Cool the soup for at least 1-2h before serving. The colder, the better for a hot summer day!

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