Vegan, Dairy & Sugarfree Berry Pancake Cake

AUGUST 2, 2020

Oh Boy. 28 Years And A Vegan Berry Pancake Cake.

I couldn't have asked for better weather. We were sweating with our "food coma bellies" in the sun this year, and decided to just not do anything! Not even the tie dye shirts I had planned to make with my best friend. In retrospect, I absolutely needed it. Currently, my life is full of action. Since my work has taken over my entire life there's barely a day on which I'm not working on recipe creations, educational content and food shootings. I absolutely don't want to complain. I am living my personal dream. The only thing I still need to learn is balance! Therefore my birthday was perfect, just like this cake! 

If you're looking for a super easy birthday cake or brunch recipe that doesn't require any special equipment, this is your recipe. Take a read!

What You Need To Make This Deliciously Pink & Creamy Sugarfree Pancake Cake

There's basically no equipment needed for this cake. For the pancake batter, I used a hand mixer and to mix the berry cream filling just a regular spoon. A stove comes in handy to fry the pancakes but that's it. :) The same ease holds true when it comes to the ingredients. I made the pancakes without eggs this time to make it fully vegan and I have to admit, I like the vegan pancakes as much as the "classic ones", I showed you in my last "German pancake recipe".

For the cream filling, I used a mix of coconut and soy yoghurt from a German supermarket brand called Alnatura. Even though the label contains a stabilizer, it has been the "cleanest" vegan yoghurt label I have found in a German supermarket shelve so far. And the taste was actually super yummy combined with  the frozen berries and loads of fresh ground vanilla. Whatever brand you use, I recommend to always take a look at the label to ensure that there's no unnecessary sugar or other additives added. 

This Pancake Cake Is The Perfect "Easy Birthday Cake"! 

As mentioned before, this dreamy and super berry pancake cake is one of the simplest "cakes" I know. All you need to do is whisk the batter, prep the cream, fry the pancakes and assemble everything to look beautiful. The only thing I want to point out is that the cake is made to be served "fresh". Therefore, don't prep it the day before and serve it the next day. The cream will taste soggy. Instead, prep everything right before serving for the perfect cake experience. :)

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Share Your Vegan Dairy & Sugarfree Berry Pancake Cake Love

I hope you enjoy my "sugarfree" birthday cake as much as I did. Like always, I would love to see your delicious berry pancake stack and repost it on my social channels. So make sure to tag me on Instagram or Facebook. Besides, if you have any feedback for me, questions with regards to the recipe or if you just want to say "hey", comment below or shoot me a personal message through my contact form

xx, Karo

Vegan, Dairy & Sugarfree Berry Pancake Cake (V, DF, RSF)
15 SERVINGS PREP TIME : 30 min COOK/REST TIME : 30-60 min
July just calls for fresh berries! This "very berry pancake cake" is the perfect summer brunch or birthday cake if you want to go fancy but don't feel like spending hours baking cake layers, making creams and decorating. It is super easy to make, naturally sweet, heavenly creamy and beyond satisfying. 
    • -  
      400g Wholegrain Spelt Flour
    • -  
      1 Tsp Baking Powder
    • -  
      300ml Mineral Water (sparkling water)
    • -  
      400ml Plant Milk (I used oat milk)
    • -  
      Pinch of salt
    • -  
      Fresh ground Vanilla (according to taste)
    • -  
      Coconut Oil (or similar for frying)
    • -  
      300g Blueberries (I used organic frozen)
    • -  
      800g Coconut Yoghurt
    • -  
      400g Soy Yoghurt
    • -  
      25ml Maple Syrup (optional)
    • -  
      Fresh ground Vanilla (according to taste)
    • TOPPINGS :
    • -  
      Fresh Blackberries
    • -  
      Fresh Currants
    • -  
      Hemp Seeds
    • -  
      Coconut Chips
  1. Mix all Pancake batter ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. (For pancake batters, I love to use a hand mixer).
  2. Let dough rest for 30-60min
  3. For the filling: Mix yoghurts with the sweetener and the spices in a large bowl. Then, add the blueberries and mix again. (It's absolutely sufficient to use a spoon to mix the filling).
  4. After the resting time, bake the pancakes in a frying pan and let them cool off before you decorate the cake for serving. Important: Don't make your pancakes too thick. They taste the best if they are just a tiny bit thicker than the French crepes.
  5. The final prep is super easy: Just place a pancake onto your serving dish, top it with the berry mass and place a second pancake on top. Repeat process 6-8 times.
  6. Then, top everything with the remaining cream filling, fresh berries, loads of coconut chips and hemp seeds.

Did you try it?

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