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JULY 19, 2020

Let's Celebrate The Bakd&Raw Blog Launch With A Giveaway And The Best Mexican Banana Cake In The World

Hey! I am so glad you are here and I can't believe this day has finally come. My hands are even shaking a little while I am writing these lines. Alongside with the most talented people in the world, who brought my idea of Bakd&Raw to live, I have worked on this website for more than half a year now.

The whole story began two years ago in Mexico, where I, very sick and bound to my bed, started my little superfood research. This extensive research, or how I call it "reconnection with health and nourishing foods", resulted in the greatest passion I ever developed and the idea of building a plant-food loving community around it. So while still in Mexico, I started building a Wordpress-based blog and called it “Bakd&Raw”.

Since then, I have been working non-stop on this dream of building a structured resource that entails everything you need to live a healthy, delicious and beautiful life! :) And here it is now: Bakd&Raw my dream, my career and the (hopefully) "to-be biggest resource" about nutritious, delicious and beautiful cooking as well as holistic well-being. 

A Giveaway Which Tells Part Of My Story

As I am so excited about this special "launch day", I want to celebrate it with all of you. But what is a celebration without a gift? Therefore, we are celebrating the special day with pecan nuts, medjool dates, sugar-free cranberries, natural pineapple slices, hemp seeds and a bunch of spices I literally use every day! The products are sponsored from, my favorite web shop when it comes to nuts, seeds, dried fruits and spices.

But is not just any web shop to me. I stumbled across the site around a year ago when I was searching for sugar-free Cranberries. (I still don't understand why there are products in the market which really don't need any added sugar but contain way to much of it.) Anyways, I found the and fell in love with their amazing portfolio. I ended up not only shopping cranberries, but also hemp seeds, pecans, dates and much more. 

Last December, I made my delicious Christmas Granola, I gifted to all my friends, almost entirely with the delicious products from and (like a true fan) randomly started tagging the company. And guess what happened - the company reached out to me and said they loved my food content. Today, I guess, I am sort-off a brand ambassador and still a true fan at heart. I even have my little corner on their website now, where I can share my favorite recipes with the products. You should definitely take a look at it, I am so proud

So for the ones of you who enjoy following my entrepreneurship journey, I hope my little story about "how I found" motivates you to turn your dream into reality. And for the one's who are just in love with good food, let's talk about what you can win today! 

What's To Win?

Basically all of my favorites. As you know if you have been following me on social, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and spices are part of all my food creations. Therefore, I didn't even know what to choose when I got the opportunity to create a gift box for you. After all, I went for..

1. Pecan Nuts 

I love pecans. I used them, for example, for this delicious "Pay de Platano" recipe, I top them on my breakfast bowls almost every day for an extra delicious crunch and they are one of my favorite make a perfect addition to colorful rainbow bowls.

2. Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates are a staple I always keep in my house. They aren't only the most important sweetener in my household but also a delicious and beyond satisfying snack by itself.

3. Sugar-free Cranberries

Those cranberries are a must in Granola I think, a delicious snack and the perfect breakfast bowl topping. 

4. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are one of my favorite protein sources and the most beautiful topping in the world. I top hemp seed on nearly all meals as they make everything look super pretty without any additional effort :)

5. Dried Pineapple 

I discovered this snack when I started working with and immediately fell in love. The product is 100% natural, full of flavor and simply the perfect sweet snack for on-the-go.

6. Cumin 

Cumin is part of this celebration box as it is one of the most delicious spices I know. Nearly all my dips and certainly all my chickpea dishes contain cumin. The spice adds a delicious warm and hearty flavor to every meal at hand.

7. Cinnamon 

What would I do without cinnamon. I am using so much of it - every day. I top cakes, dessert creams, my breakfast bowls and even veggie dishes with the delicious spice.

So how can you participate in the giveaway now? Head over to Instagram and follow the instructions provided below my giveaway post. Good luck! 

The Most Delicious Vegan-Raw "Pay de Platano"
"Pay de Platano" will always and forever remind me of  Mexico. The first time I tried it, I fell in love. The flavor is absolutely amazing. Yet, the cake contains a lot of heavy cream / dairy produce and refined sugar - both aren't my favorites. Therefore, I decided to make my own version and ended up with this deliciously creamy nut-cream version. It's super satisfying, full of flavor BUT pretty heave (I have to be honest with you). Therefore, prep it for a very special occasion and serve it as mini sweet treats to your loved ones for this day. 
    • -  
      40g Dates
    • -  
      150g Pecans
    • -  
      30g Coconut oil
    • -  
      1 Tsp Cinnamon
    • -  
      40g Old-Fashioned Whole Oats (ground)
    • -  
      320g Cashews (soaked overnight)
    • -  
      75g Coconut Milk (refrigerated over night; use mix of solid and liquid part)
    • -  
      60g Dates (soaked in 200ml water; let go of water)
    • -  
      Pinch Fresh ground Vanilla (I used a lot of Vanilla to give it a nice Vanilla flavor)
    • -  
      60g Dates (soaked in 200ml water; keep water)
    • -  
      15g Coconut Oil
    • -  
      30g Tahini
    • -  
      75ml Water
    • -  
      1 Tbsp Cinnamon
    • -  
      1 Tbsp Maple Syrup (optional)
    • -  
      4-5 ripe Bananas
    • -  
      100g Pecans (chopped) as a crunch topping
  1. Cake Base: Combine all ingredients in a food processor and mix for 3-5 min until you end a with a moist & soft mixture. You can test if the dough sticks to gather by forming a little ball with your hand. (I recommend to pre-mix the dates first before you add the remaining ingredients as they take the longest to soften / "cream up".)
  2. Then, use your hand or a rolling pin with parchment paper to roll out the dough. I used my beloved mini cake form, which I have linked in the article above.
  3. For the raw Cashew-Cream filling, it is important that you soak the cashews beforehand. I recommend to soak them overnight. The dates I only softened in 200ml water for about 20 min before mixing them. What I recommend I that you also pre-mix the dates. This will help to make the mix to be more creamy.
  4. Therefore, let go of the water you soaked the cashews and the dates in. Then place your dates into your food processor and mix until creamy. Add the cashews and the remaining ingredients and mix until creamy. This may take up to 20 min (depending on your food processor). For ultimate creaminess, you can actually transfer the mass from the food processor to your smoothie mixer for a few more minutes at the end.
  5. The caramel cream topping is optional. I actually recommend to replace it with a berry cream, such as a homemade rasp- or blueberry salsa to add more freshness to the mix. But since the original "Pay de Platano" calls for Cajeta on top, I thought I went for a vegan caramel cream alternative.
  6. If you decided for the rich "caramel-cream topping", start with mixing up the dates with the water using a stand or a hand mixer.
  7. Place the liquid sauce into a saucepan, add the coconut oil, the tahini, the water, cinnamon and the optional tbsp of maple syrup and heat over low-heat.
  8. Transfer everything back to your mixer and mix for another few minutes until the sauce is lump-free.
  9. That's it. Now the only thing left is assemble according to taste.

Did you try it?

Leave me a comment below!

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