5 + 1 Reason Why You Should Get Into Sprouting Today

JULY 14, 2020

Let's Get Into Sprouting..

My number one reason why you should get into sprouting will always be: Sprouts and Microgreens are pure beauty for any meal. They add a deliciously fresh look to your bowl, are a beautiful topping on salads and soups, and always work their magic topped onto a wholegrain bread slices. But there is much more to sprouts and Microgreens than their "magical look". Here are my 5 top reasons why you should get into sprouting:

1. There Are Major Health Benefits In Eating Sprouts and Microgreens Daily 

At their "baby stage", plants have the greatest concentration of nutrients and are, thanks to their thin cell walls, highly digestible. Besides, they are rich in enzymes, loaded with minerals and vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids and have a strong basic effect. If you want to learn more about the health benefits of sprouts and Microgreens, check out my article about the health benefits of eating "Sprouts and Microgreens" on a daily basis. (There, you also find the sources for the facts mentioned in this article)

2. Ease Of Growing "Mini Greens"

Sprouts can be grown super easily at home, in every apartment, all around the world, in less than a week (in 99% of the cases :) )! Therefore, don't even try to find a "bad" excuse now why you can't plant them yourself! Unless you are a constant traveler, you should be able to rinse your greens before you go to sleep and when you get out of bed. That's really all it takes to sprout sprouts and Microgreens! 

3. You do something for the environment

If you grow your own Sprouts and Microgreens at home, all classic CO2 creating steps in the food production value chain lapse. "You are the farmer! No transportation, no packaging and no retail goods handling is needed." Besides, this version is also super economic for you as seeds can be acquired for a few euros at any local organic store and have a huge yield. Normally 1-2 Tbsp are enough for a huge glass of Microgreens.

As an example: Below you see one glass of Red Clover Sprouts which are the result of 1.5 Tbsp Red Clover Seeds. Fascinating right? 

4. Homegrown Sprouts Are Pesticide-Free Mini Greens

If you make sure to buy organic sprouts, your "mini greens", I dare to say: You can proudly consider them the "cleanest and healthiest" food in your diet.  No-one but you has touched the greens during their growth process, they are free from pesticide and therefore a true "healthy treat" for your immune system and body as a whole. 

By the way, when it comes to sprouting, buying organic is not a choice but a must. For your health, you really want to make sure you work with clean, pesticide-free "raw ingredients" here.

5. Growing "Greens" Is So Much Fun, I Promise

Last but not least, there is one more selling argument which I call the "personal fulfillment" argument. I think, it is so fascinating to see a tiny seed sprout, transforming into an edible green plant. Wouldn't you agree? Speaking from my personal experience, growing sprouts and Microgreens give me a great feeling of "accomplishment". I have the visible proof right in front of me - a beautiful, healthy, and delicious "mini green" I can harvest with my bare hands, prep and enjoy as the probably healthiest ingredient in any of my dishes. 

Ready To Become A Windowsill Farmer? 

Perfect! Then, I highly recommend you to jump right into my "how-to sprout.." guides. By the way, I am beyond excited for your sprouting results. Tag me on social on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

xx, Karo 

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